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Depending on your situation and type's of pests involved. Some pests can be controlled by a single service, on call service when needed, or a bi-monthly perimeter only service . With some pest's like german roaches, fleas, ticks, etc. they may take several services to gain control. Once the pests are under control a maintenance program would be recommended. A maintenance program would involve a thorough inspection and the exterior service performed to keep up a barrier to protect the home from unwanted pests and if needed the interior of the home serviced in areas of concern.

Frequently asked Questions


Q: How far in advance do we need to schedule?

We try to schedule one day in advance, but can provide same day service.

Q:Where are you located?

We are located in Pasadena, TX. but we service the south-east Houston and surrounding areas .

Q: Will the spray harm my children or pets?

No. All of the pesticides we apply are formulated and applied with human and animal safety as the primary concern. Small pets can require some additional precautions.

Q: Do we need to leave during the service?

No, except for flea services. Usually when we treat for fleas you need to stay off the floors until they dry. You don't need to be present during the service if access and payment have been arranged. You should be present for inspection services so the technician can explain his findings.

Q: Does it smell?

The flea services have some odor. Some lawn sprays have odor for a short period of time. Most other treatments have no odor at all.

Q: When are you available?

Mon-Fri 8-5

Q:What payment forms are acceptable?

We accept cash, check or credit/debit cards via Square

Q:How much time does the service take?

A 3-4 bedroom home usually requires about 40 minutes. Our office or techs can be more accurate after we become familiar with your property.

Q:Will it harm me or my pet?

No. We suggest you ask our office about precautions for your individual case.

Q: Do you have any bug or pest resources to help us?

Yes. We recommend the pestweb.com

Q: Do you have a Green Policy?

Modern pesticides are developed with safety to the environment and man as a primary concern and are often safer and more effective than a lot of so called natural cures. In most cases we are called to eliminate pests that are invasive species and themselves harmful to the environment. Rats, roaches, Crazy ants, fleas to name a few.

IPM and green techniques related to residential structural pest control are for the most part nothing more than common sense and good housekeeping. The responsible application of the appropriate pesticide is not harmful to man or his environment.



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